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ONLY $15 Service Call

* This cost is a minimum estimate for the respective job. The final cost will vary. It will depend on the security level of the lock-system plus labor charges. Important Note: Unforeseen complications may arise at the site, these changes may affect the price by way of labor or parts. In any circumstance, we reserve the right to explain the final price changes after the work is done.

Locksmith Vancouver can help with any lock-related problem you’re facing. House or bedroom lockout, extracting a broken key from a lock, change your locks, and more! Our professional technicians are well trained and fully experienced in this field.

In addition, our rates are the best one you can find. ONLY $15 for a call-out fee and $35+ for a job. Furthermore, we want to be reachable for anyone who needs us. We want you to know you can use our service and not pay outrages prices.

Also, we are a mobile service and can come to every location! We service every area within a 60 km radius. Moreover, we keep our technician spread all around, so in case of need, we’ll send the nearest one to you. That way, we assure a response time of only 20 minutes!

Please feel free to contact us at all times! We’re here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Especially valuable is that you can use our convenient FREE estimate form, to get 10% off for same day residential service. Contact one of our customer service representatives to schedule when you want us to come and get it done.

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