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Locked out of your car? Car Key made? Transponder Key program?

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Car Locksmith Service Provides:

  • Fast assistance
  • Transponder keys
  • 24/7 availability
  • Emergency lockout
  • Affordable prices
  • Fix jammed ignitions
  • Insured Locksmiths

Transponder Keys – What are they?

First of all, the definition of a transponder in locksmith terms is transmitter + responder.

Secondly, these types of keys have computer chips hiding inside their plastic forepart. When you turn on the

ignition, the vehicle sends a signal to the key as a theft deterrent. The car won’t start unless the chip in

the key sends back the proper response. Consequently, preventing your car from being hotwired! Oh,

yes, and furthermore, we carry them. Most importantly, we can get right to your exact location to make and manufacture your key on the spot.

Emergency Lockout Call (604) 800-3372 Now!

Car Locksmith Vancouver service is ready to take your call around the clock 24 hours a day.

In minutes a technician will be on his way to get your car door open. Our staff is on a rotating shift so we can deliver help to you in just moments.

This means that any time of the day or night, holiday or weekend, we will have a technician on the way to you in minutes.

We hire only competent, skillful professionals. Our car locksmith service comes with a written guarantee on all parts and labor for 90-days.

We are obligated to respond immediately and arrive at your location just moments after your call anywhere in the city.

Always the same affordable rates no matter what time it is.

You’ve just heard the click of your auto lock and this is not a good moment when you’ve realized you’re locked out or worse your child or pet is locked in!

Immediate assistance is available for this emergency!

We are here to turn your day back around and get you back on the road quickly and safely!

Just call us now and PRESTO!! your troubles will be over and in the past!

For seriously fast solutions

You’re in good hands with Vancouver Locksmith for fast professional 24/7 assistance.

Call us today at (604) 800-3372 and be relieved of your security concerns…TODAY!

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