Tips for keeping your property safe while you’re on vacation

People go on vacation all the times. Whether it’s during the summer, at the holidays, and even in the middle of the year – people need time to relax. Did you know that during those times, the number of burglary incidents increases? Burglars take advantage the fact that most people are away, and break in.

Furthermore, some people don’t use any extra measure to secure their property. They think that simply locking the door will be enough. However, there’re some action you can take to upgrade your security, and lower the chances of having a break in. Think about it, would you really like your vacation to be ruined by something like this?

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What to do to secure your property when leaving for vacation?

Ask for help

Before you leave, ask help from someone you trust. Ask them to visit the property several times, and even do some daily tasks. For example, collecting the mail, taking out the trash, water the plants, etc. The more the property looks occupied, the lower the chances of having a break in.

Leave a light on

Choose a place that can be seen from the outside. Make sure you can see it, or else it won’t help at all. Remember, if the house stays dark through all the time you’ll be gone, it might draw the burglars over.

Check the security

A couple of days before your leaving, make sure all the locks are fully operational. That way, if one need to be repaired, you can do it with no pressure. Also, consider installing any kind of a security system. Having even the simplest one is better than having none.

Clear your yard

Lock any objects that usually laying around (bicycle, work tools, toy, etc.). In addition, check your gate and see that the lock works and can be locked.

In conclusion, there are several actions you can take to protect your property while you’re away. However, it’s important to notice that following those tips can’t promise you won’t have a break in, and are only tips and advices.

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