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Door Repair Burnaby

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Door Repair Burnaby

Crime is Still on the Rise in Burnaby

There’s been a sharp rise in break-ins since 2013

when the RCMP created a special task force to try to deal with all of the commercial & residential break-ins.

Unfortunately, in 2017, its gotten only worse with home invasions.

The authorities are “encouraging people to set the alarm, even while they’re home -”

“We want to inform the public that when somebody comes to their door and knocks on the door,

and there’s some sort of an obscure request or reason why they’re there,

then those individuals are probably looking to break into your home,”

In these instances, in police circles they are known as a knock-and-see.”

Residential & Commercial Door Enhancements

Is your intuition telling you to make some home improvements to enhance your security?

It’s well-founded, considering all the break-ins going on in the Burnaby area these days.

Unfortunately, builders use standard locks and doors for houses and buildings. These are minimum security.

The property owner really needs to do his / her homework to fortify their belongings well.

Below, is a list of steps to  take to build up your entrance points, care of Door Repair Vancouver

Services Door Repair Burnaby Provides

Investing in better security for your property and possessions is reasonable given the above circumstances.

We can install the following to help detract intruders.

  • Door viewers
  • Hercular Deadbolt by Mul-T-Lock
  • Reinforce your doorjamb with an 18″ or longer strike plate
  • Outdoor lighting especially near any entrance to the home / business
  • Installation of a high – security system

Most thieves are inexperienced thugs who steal with minimum effort.

Doing the above will make them think twice about trying to break into your property.

You must remember though, if thieves want to get in, they will, the above will only buy you more time.

More time to implement your emergency exit plan so that you can avoid any further violence.

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