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Sometimes, unplanned situations occur. For example, arriving to the office and learning you can’t open it. Whether it’s because the key isn’t turning, the lock itself is broken, or you simply forgot the keys. Having to deal with this kind of problem can be upsetting.

Moreover, not been able to enter your office can cause financial problems, in addition to your stress. That’s why you need us to solve your problem at shortest time possible.  

Therefore, what is the best thing to do when you’re locked outside your office? First thing, try to see if you have a spare key. For example, ask from a coworker, a partner, or the building manager. By doing so, you might fix the problem faster than you think.

But what are you supposed to do in case you can’t find a spare key? Or if you have a problem with the lock itself? We highly recommend you to avoid trying to solve the problem by yourself. Moreover, you should call a professional locksmith service.

Locksmith Vancouver is here to help with any office lockout at all times. Our technicians are licensed, bonded, and fully covered. In addition, they are mobile and available 24/7 to repair the lock or fix it. Also, our prices are the lowest in all the area – guaranteed! ONLY $15 for the call-out fee.


How can I find a locksmith to repair my office lock?

First thing, you need to reach out to a locksmith service. You can contact us by emailing us or call us. Then, we’ll ask you to explain the problem and to give us the necessary information – full address and available phone number. We understand that in some cases, you can’t reach your phone (maybe you left it inside). However, it’s very important for the locksmith to have a way to reach you, in order to confirm the address. We advise you to use a phone from a close-by store, a friend’s phone, or even ask from a stranger walking by the street.

The next step is waiting for the technician to come over. It usually takes only 20 minutes for them to arrive! Once the technician’s there, he’ll see what the problem is and provide you the final price. Then, after you’ll agree to the price, he’ll open the lock or repair it in the shortest time possible and in the most professional way.

That’s it! It’s really simple!

Need our service? please remember that Locksmith Vancouver is here to help at all times!

Feel free to contact us whenever you need us – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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