Entry Door Repair Vancouver


Entry Door Repair Vancouver

Entry Door Repair Vancouver – Is your door not closing properly?

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Entry Door Repair Vancouver
Vancouver Door Repair

Entry Door Repair For Home or Office

Whether it be your front home entry or your office door entry area, our technicians know how.

Since this opening is used constantly, it’s no wonder that it would need to be fixed at some point.

Entrance door repairs can be done fairly quickly and easily without too much difficulty if you look after it right away.

We will review some common issues that we can help you solve.

Services we Provide:

  • Fix sagging doors
  • Door frame replacements
  • Door locking mechanisms
  • Sticking door solutions
  • Replace weather stripping
  • Replace door, if need be

Thinking about Enhancements?

Unfortunately, if someone wants to kick your door in, they will be able to do it, and surprisingly it’s fairly easy to do!

Unless, you take the following steps that will make it much harder for thieves to get in through your door!

Did you know?   …    Nearly 30% of all break-ins happen through the front door?

Lots of good reasons to fortify your front entrance.

Steps to Take to Strengthen Your Entry

There are several ways to reinforce your entry to keep you safe and sound.

  • Reinforce your door jam with an 18″ or longer strike plate
  • Use 3 and a 1/2″ #9 hardened screws with hinges
  • Install a heavy duty deadbolt lock
  • Use three 4″ by 4″ hinges with a 4 hole pattern on them
  • Install door viewer with 3/4″ or more diameter space

If the above points are absent, your entry door is left vulnerable to being kicked in.

The good news … is we can help you with all or some of the above.

Our Rates Remain the Same

Door Repair Vancouver‘s service call fee remains the same no matter what time of day or night you call us at.

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