Door Repair Surrey


Door Repair Surrey

Door Repair Surrey – Does your door stay open and seem like it doesn’t want to stay closed?

This can be really bothersome.

Call us! We can fix it right away at 778-800-0733

 Door Repair Surrey

Residential Door Repair Service

Having troubles with your back door?

It’s no trouble, we will just send you one of our techs to come and repair it for you.

If you consider how often it is used, its no wonder it needs an adjustment every now and then.

Door repairs can be done in relatively short order and without much complication

especially if it is taken care of promptly.

Other Services we Provide

  • Door frame restoration
  • Repair sagging doors
  • Fix sticking doors/ banging doors
  • Installment of door viewers
  • Repair or replace weather stripping
  • Fix problems with door locking mechanisms

Ways to Increase Your Security

Thinking of reinforcing the entry point of your home? It’s a good idea.

Since, it is surprisingly easy for someone to come and forcefully kick your door in.

Except that if you make some very important subsequent changes

that will create much more of an obstacle for undesirables to gain entry.

This only buys you more time, you still need an emergency exit plan!

Door Repair Surrey Recommendations

This would be a list of to-do’s to strengthen your entrance, care of Door Repair Vancouver

  • Bolster your doorjamb with an 18″ or longer strike plate
  • Get 3 and a 1/2″ #9 hardened screws with hinges
  • Invest and install a heavy duty deadbolt lock (we recommend the Hercular lock, by Mul-T-Lock)
  • Use three 4″ by 4″ hinges with a 4 hole pattern on them
  • Invest and install a door viewer with 3/4″ or more diameter space of your front entry.

Another thing is that we can help you do all of the above either all at once or slowly as you wish.

You must remember if you don’t do this your door remains an easy target to anyone at anytime.

All you have to do is call Door Repair Surrey at 778-800-0733

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