Do you Need to Change Your Mailbox Lock?


Do you need to Change your Mailbox Lock?

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Years Ago …

Back in the 60’s and 70’s I’m sure we can all remember seeing postmen and women either in their vans, or just walking around on the sidewalks in all the neighbourhoods with a big sack over their shoulders delivering mail just as quick as they could. Our job was to make sure our walkway was clear of snow, debris, etc.

Well those days are long gone, aren’t they? Nowadays in an effort to lower costs and provide more efficient service, the post office has installed community mailbox locks for everyone whether we like or not!

Mailbox lock
Mailbox lock

There are Usually 3 Reasons People Change their Locks

  1. The last usable key was lost.
  2. You’ve just moved into your new place and the previous owners gave you their old key and you want to get it changed for privacy reasons.
  3. The lock just stopped working! From time to time this can happen since these we use these little locks every day they go through a lot of wear and tear. And being exposed to the elements doesn’t help.

24 Hour Locksmith Service

We have an obligation to be without a doubt that you are in fact the true owners of said mailbox.

This is a must prior to any work being done on it.

We would require you to show us your identification with the matching address on it and a recent bill as well also for the same address.

The work doesn’t usually take longer than 20 minutes to complete.

Just call Locksmith Vancouver at (604) 800 3372 and we can be there right away or you can book an appointment to do it after you get home from work.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

In any case, we are the fastest service you will find if it needs doing right away.

We are always advising our clients to test out their new lock while out locksmiths are there with them.

It’s always good to double check everything is in order before our guys leave.

We charge only $15 service call and $29 and up to change the mailbox lock. Technician will come to your location, he will see what is the type of lock you have and he can give the final price.

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