How to avoid burglary


How to avoid burglary – Are you worried about getting robbed?

are you just moving into a new home and want to make sure that you are secure in your home?

Don’t worry, we have all the answers in this article.

We have gathered all the useful tips to help know How to avoid burglary

how to avoide burglary

Making sure your home is secure

First of all, most importantly you must make sure all locks are less the 5 years old.

In addition it might be worth for you too re-key you locks. Re keying is a process where the key to open the lock changes.
So any individual that used to live in the house wont have access anymore.

Its important to insure all locks are fairly new. Because, the older the locks you have the easier it will be for a burglar to pick these locks.

Re-keying is especially useful in case the apartment or house that you are moving into or live in have had a few tenants over the years.

Moreover, this process will insure anyone who used to have a key to the house will not be able to open it anymore.

5 tips on avoiding burglaries

We have rounded up a few tips to help you avoid getting broken into all together.

  1. always leave a light on
    in interviews done with inmates who used to break into house they have stated that they used to avoid houses with lights on because it may indicate there is someone at home
    burglars will take the safest bet they can find In most cases .
  2. make sure not to speak about vacations
    usually when burglars will target a house they will watch it for a few days. maybe find a opening when the family is on vacation or on steady hours when they know nobody is going to be home from their research.
  3. come back home at odd hours
    make sure to drop by your home at unexpected hours. Therefore even if you are targeted and researched the buglers will understand that it is not safe to assume you will not be home at a specific time because of your habit of dropping by once in a while.
  4. Never keep a hide spot for your keys
    to prevent anyone from getting in easily Never keep a hide spot for your keys will .
    anther option is to invest in a key less entry .
  5. Try breaking in your own house.
    breaking into your own house will help you know where are the weak spots in your house and how you can better secure your house.

Moreover check out our how to secure your home for more tips and tricks. Call locksmith in Vancouver for more help or to book professional assistance for any work you may need in your home.

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