Why you should choose a Deadbolt lock

Why you should choose a Deadbolt lock?

A deadbolt lock has a locking system of a bolt that can only move by sliding or turning the locking mechanism.

These lock do not include springs. Therefor, the deadbolt lock cant be easily accessed and is good to prevent forced entry.

Why you should choose a Deadbolt lock

There are three major types of deadbolts:

Single Cylinder –
This is the more common type of deadbolt and also the simplest. one side is a key lock and the and has a thump knob.

Double Cylinder –
This lock can open with a key from both sides. It is used when looking for a more secure option the a single cylinder

Key-less –
These types of lock are very easy to use and usually use a pass code on a key pad or a biological identification like a fingerprint.

Advantages of Deadbolt Locks:

The deadbolt has become a necessary security measure in Most houses:

Additional Safety –This lock cannot be picked like spring locks which makes it efficient when it comes to break-ins.
Most spring lock can be forced open and in these case a deadbolt is resistant.

Unique Internal Locking –Within the locking mechanism There is a steel bolt which extends into the door jamb and its strike plate.

Additional Protection –deadbolts have a high level of protection compared
with spring latch locks.

Multiple Styles – According to your needs and desires, you can choose between single cylinder, double cylinder or key less deadbolts.
which allow you to benefit from the lock without sacrificing your security

Discourage Intrusion – Apart from actually stopping people trying to break in to the lock. The lock will intimidate the burglars before the even try , knowing it is not a lock to mess around with.

How to Select the Right Deadbolt for Better Security?

1. Be sure that the lock goes in at least 1 inch into the door plate.

2. The cylindrical should spin freely, Witch will make it harder for burglars to open it with a ranch or pliers.

3. Avoid having any visible screws on either side of the lock

4. Connector screws should be 0.25 inches in diameter or more. Instead of attaching to any wood screw posts the Connector screws should be attached to solid metallic shock.

5. Buy a high quality deadbolt, Preferably bump resistant. Normal dead bolts can still be prone to bumping.

6.  With any key less lock you must remember not to use a simple and easy to guess code. try suing something that is not obvious and instruct all family members to stay confidential about the code so it dose not spread around.

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